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The arrest was extended to the accused anarchist in the calls of terrorism

Evpatoria City Court extended the arrest until July 31 of a fake activist Yevgeny Karakashev, accused of calling for terrorism. This was reported by the advocate of the International Human Rights Group “Agora” Alexei Ladin.

Karakasheva is accused of inciting hatred or enmity (p. 1 art. 282 of the Criminal Code) and in public calls for terrorism through the Internet (p. 2 art. 205.2 CC). The reason for this was the video called “Untitled”, published on VKontakte toward the end of 2014, and a text published on the same social network along with a video entitled “The Last Interview of Primorye Partisans”, which had previously been put on the list of extremist materials by the Ministry of Justice.

Yevgeny Karakashev was detained on the 1st of February. Journalist Alyona Savchuk reported on Facebook that the activist was searched on the day of detention. “They took it tough: the men broke into the civilians, did not introduce themselves, immediately laid them on the floor, pushed them and handcuffed them behind their backs. He says that he stayed in handcuffs all the way until IVS. He said that he had a huge cut on the right side of his forehead. Only in the evening Karakashev could call a friend and asked him to find a lawyer, “Savchuk wrote.
According to the lawyer Alexei Ladin, Karakashev himself believes that the initiation of a criminal case against him and the subsequent arrest are related to his activist activity: the man opposed to the construction of a resort zone near Evpatoria in the vicinity of the salt lake.