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The house of Muslim Aliyev the participant of the Yalta case “Hizb ut-Tahrir” is being searched

In the city of Alushta in the village of Verkhnaya Kutuzovka, FSB officers conduct a search in the house of the participant of the Yalta case “Hizb ut-Tahrir” Muslim Aliyev. According to the association “Crimean solidarity”, his daughter – Gulsum Aliyeva – is charged under Article 282 of the Criminal Code (inciting hatred or enmity). It is specified that Aliyev’s accusation is connected with her publications in the “Crimean solidarity”.

Technology was confiscated from all the members of the family. Eden Sememlyaev, a lawyer, is not allowed to them. The house has a minibus without a license plate. The youngest son of Aliyev had a fever, neighbors and relatives called the ambulance for him.

The “Crimean solidarity” published a statement on Facebook about the search in the house of Gulsum Aliyeva. The report says that the girl became an activist of the association after the arrest of her father.

“We, the activists of the public association” Crimean solidarity, “regard these actions as a purposeful, stable pressure and persecution for our research work and active assistance to all those persecuted in Crimea, regardless of nationality and religion,” the group wrote.

UPD 12:53 search is over.

The FSB officers took Aliyev to the Alushta Investigative Committee.

Journalist Anton Naumlyuk wrote on Facebook that she was in the status of a suspect in a criminal case of inciting hatred.

During the search, employees of the Center for Combating Extremism were also working.

They were looking for a phone from which Aliev allegedly stationed posts in the group “Crimean solidarity” – according to Naumlyuk, the publications caused claims of the FSB.

The journalist noted that the security officers broke the toilet in the house.

UPD 14:00 On the page of “Crimean solidarity” they write that Aliyeva left the Investigative Committee together with her lawyer. She refused to testify.

Muslim Aliyev was arrested in February 2016 after the search of the homes of Crimean Tatars.

His and other participants of the Yalta case – Emir-Usenein Kuku, Vadim Siruk, Ever Bekirov, Refat Alimov, Arsen Dzepparov – are accused of organizing the activities of Hizb ut-Tahrir (art. 205.5 CC) and preparation for the forcible seizure of power 278 of the Criminal Code).

According to investigators, Aliyev is the organizer, the rest are ordinary participants. “Hizb ut-Tahrir” is claimed to be a terrorist organization on the territory of Russia.

In different regions of the country, terrorism cases have been initiated, while members of the organization’s cells are accused and sentenced to various terms in a strict regime colony only on the grounds that they met in apartments, read religious literature and recruited new participants.