Russian law enforcement officers searched a house in the Fontany microdistrict , in Simferopol

September 18, 2018

Russian law enforcement officers searched a house in the Fontany microdistrict , in Simferopol

Russian law enforcement officers finished the search in the house of Aider and Arsen Bekirov, located in the Fontan-5 microdistrict of Simferopol. According to the lawyer Nazim Sheikhmambetov the Russian security officers did not detain anyone after the investigation, nor was anything seizured. This is reported by “Crimean solidarity”.

According to the lawyer, he was denied access to Bekirov during the search. The representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia also did not explain the reason for the investigation.

Sheikhmambetov pointed out that the neighbors characterize the Bekirovs’ family, whose house was searched, positively. “To quote the neighbors, Bekirovs’ family are decent and diligent people, it is a respectable family. They have never been involved in any kind of debauchery, drinking, or anything alike, ” the lawyer said.

“Citizens living here, mostly Crimean Tatars, came, to respond and to show their solidarity. Well done, they do not let anybody down. This is a clear sign that our nation is alive. Our people today do not approve of those systematically conducted for more than four years acts of repressions and pressure to bear on the people. This means that the policy of the law enforcement officers does not find any positive response from the Crimean Tatar population, ” – undelined the lawyer.
Sheikhmambetov added that such a policy of Russian law enforcers in Crimea “is systematical in nature,” and reminded of the searches in the homes of Crimean Tatars that have been carried out repeatedly in recent days.

In the morning of the 18th of September the Russian law enforcement forces searched the house of Aider and Arsen Bekirov located in the Fontany-5 microdistrict, in Simferopol.

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