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The Supreme Court of Crimea has kept the civil journalist Nariman Memedeminov in the pretrial detention center until October 15th

Currently the trials in Nariman are closed to the public. Attenders are only allowed to witness the sentence announcement. He is not brought to the appeals, but will be brought by video-conferencing from the detention center.

While the judge was in the deliberations room, Nariman had time to tell a little about how he was doing: “I’ve told the court today already that until now I was known only in my neighborhood, but now thanks to the special services I’m famous in the whole Crimea and beyond. That people like me and others similar to me are persecuted only on national and religious grounds. What an incident it is. ”
“At the previous meeting I, through my lawyer, passed the words of gratitude to all journalists [who cover the trials in Crimea]. Thank you so much”.

“God bless, I am alright. I receive a lot of letters. The only thing is, I wish with all my heart that I could be there with you, participate in the life of my people. But, unfortunately, today I am here [in the detention center], and you are there. But soon this will all be over, and justice will be restored. So don’t get too used to seeing me only on a screen. ”

On the photo, found in the archives by accident, Nariman is still free.

Taras Ibraghimov