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The persecution of NPOs in Russia in parallel with the introduction of the concept of a “foreign agent”, continued with the adoption of amendments by the State Duma of Russia in May 2015 year, which introduced the concept of an “undesirable organization”. According to the law, an NPO can be declared an undesirable organization, which is “representing a threat to the defense or security of the state, or to public order or public health, in order to protect the foundations of the constitutional order, morality, rights and legitimate interests of others.” The decision to include in the List of undesirable organizations is taken by the General Prosecutor's Office without the sanction of the court.

We consider this legislative amendment and subsequent actions to be incompatible with the rule of law, transparency and predictability of legislation and law enforcement.

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Russia blacklists ‘undesirable’ Ukrainian World Congress

Russia blacklists ‘undesirable’ Ukrainian World...

July 16, 2019

Views 35 The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC), the Canada-based assembly of Ukrainian communities abroad, has been branded an “undesirable organization” in a decision by the Russian prosecutor general’s office, which said it posed a threat to “the constitutional framework and security of the Russian Federation.”

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The first criminal case under Kremlin’s &...

February 23, 2019

Views 130 On 23 January, Anastasia Shevchenko, an activist of the Open Russia movement, became the first person arrested and criminally charged for “participating in the activities of a foreign undesirable organization.” However, Open Russia is not a foreign organization — it is a pro-democracy movement operated by Russian citizens, on Russian territory — and

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The first criminal case under Kremlin’s “undesirables” law
Russia: First criminal case under “undesirable organizations” law marks a new level of repression

Russia: First criminal case under “undesirable ...

January 25, 2019

Views 140 The Russian authorities have for the first time used the repressive “undesirable organizations” law to open a criminal case against human rights defender Anastasia Shevchenko, exposing her to the risk of a six-year prison term, Amnesty International said.

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The General Prosecutors Office declared the Ame...

August 25, 2018

Views 127 The General Prosecutors office recognized the American Pacific Environment organization (PERC, Pacific Center for the Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources) as “undesirable”, according to the website of the agency. “It is established that the work of the organization is a threat to the fundamentals of the constitutional system of the Russian

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The General Prosecutors Office declared the American environmental organization to be a threat to Russia
Prominent Russian environmentalist brutally beaten

Prominent Russian environmentalist brutally beaten

July 5, 2018

Views 146 The leader of a prominent Russian environmental group has been brutally beaten by unknown attackers, his deputy said Friday. The Environmental Watch on the North Caucasus for years has exposed illegal landfills, the destruction of landscapes and the contamination of waterways in Russia’s south. Some investigations have exposed land grabs by local officials

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Legal analysis: the law on “undesirable NGOs”

January 24, 2018

Views 198 The federal law “On introducing amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation” (the law on “undesirable NGOs”) passed its third reading on 19 May and was signed into law by the Russian president on 23 May 2015. A short legal analysis of the law “On Introducing Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the

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Legal analysis: the law on “undesirable NGOs”

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