Starving Balukh is suspected to suffer from an ulcer or pancreatitis

October 4, 2018

Starving Balukh is suspected to suffer from an ulcer or pancreatitis

The convicted in Crimea Ukrainian activist Vladimir Balukh, who, in protest, takes the minimum possible amount of food, is suspected to have an ulcer or pancreatitis, reported “Krym.Realii” on October 3 referring to Baluh’s lawyer Dmitry Dinze.

“The state of Balukhs health is definitely poor. He has problems with his heart and his internal organs. There are also suspicions of an ulcer or pancreatitis,” Dinze said.

According to him, currently the defense of Balukh is trying to find doctors who could visit the starving Ukrainian activist. However, Russian doctors refuse to visit Balukh, who is in the SIZO.

“In fact, we will be able to fully examine him only when he is moved to the colony. Because as a convicted person, he will be entitled to a full range of medical care,” added Dinze.

The day before, the controlled by Kremlin Supreme Court of Crimea partially mitigated the sentence of the convicted Vladimir Balukh to 5 years in prison, condemning him to 4 years and 11 months in prison and a fine of 10 thousand rubles (about 4 thousand hryvna). The activist was sentenced to such a prison term as a result of the aggregate of two criminal cases.

Balukh continues the indefinite hunger strike, which he declared on the 19th of March 2018. After a month of a complete refusal to eat, the Crimean archbishop of the UOC-KP Clement convinced Balukh to eat a minimum set of products (two glasses of oatmeal, 50-70 grams of black bread crumbs and tea with honey) that supports “balancing at zero”.

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