Sentsov will stop the hunger strike on October 6, said his lawyer

October 5, 2018

Sentsov will stop the hunger strike on October 6, said his lawyer

Oleg Sentsov, convicted for 20 years on the Crimean Terrorists case, intends to end his hunger strike on October 6. The “Present Times” writes about it.The publication also publishes a letter from Sentsov, which he handed over to the lawyer Dmitry Dinze:

“Due to my critical health condition and the beginning of pathological changes in my internal organs, compulsory nutrition is planned for me very soon. My opinion is no longer taken into account – as if I was no longer able to adequately assess my health and the dangers threatening it.

Forced feeding will be carried out as part of recovery process to save the patient’s life.  Under these conditions, I have to stop my hunger strike from tomorrow, that is, from 10.06.18.

After 145 days of my hunger strike, having lost 20 kg of weight and ruining my health, I haven’t achieved my goal. I am grateful to everyone who supported me, and I apologize to those whom I have failed… Bless Ukraine ”!

Earlier, the deputy director of FSIN Valery Maksimenko told Interfax that Sentsov had stopped his hunger strike.

According to him, “the best nutritionists in Moscow have developed a special diet for him to gradually recover from the hunger strike.”

Later, the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Lyudmila Denisova wrote the same on Facebook: “Oleg Sentsov stopped his hunger strike.

This means that he is in a critical condition, practically incurable. ” “In Russia, they assured, only verbally, without any medical proof, that his health condition was satisfactory. Not true.

In that case, they would not try to “persuade” him to stop the hunger strike and would not put psychological pressure on the political prisoner. With such goals, with such willpower, devotion and a sincere pro-Ukrain position, the person could not give up, ” concluded Denisova.

Oleg Sentsov is a Ukrainian director who was sentenced to 20 years of service in a strict regimen colony for alleged terrorist acts such as arson of the door of the United Russia office in Crimea, as well as for allegedly planning it and for unlawfully trafficking in explosives.

On May 14, he announced a hunger strike demanding the release of all Ukrainian political prisoners who were persecuted by the Russian authorities.

He held a hunger strike for 145 days.

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