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The Crimea Issue in the Information Spaces of Germany: Status, Risks and Prospects for Ukraine

On November 25, the conference “Human Rights in Crimea: a view from Germany”will be held in Kyiv. Representatives of Ukrainian, Russian, German human rights organizations, journalists and politicians of the Ukrainian and European level will discuss the situation and prospects of popularizing the topic of occupied Crimea and Ukraine in the European Union (EU), for example, covering the topic of occupied Ukrainian peninsula in the media space of Germany as one of the leading countries of the EU.In the fifth year of occupation, human rights defenders continue to record a permanent deterioration of the situation with respect for human rights, with cultural, economic and social conditions in Crimea and to inform as much as possible about it Ukrainian society and the international community.

But how and to what extent is the situation really covered outside of Ukraine (for example, Germany)? What challenges does Ukraine face in this issue? What steps should be taken by Ukrainian stakeholders (politicians, human rights defenders, journalists etc.) to improve the quality of informing about events in Crimea abroad (taking into account the upcoming elections to the European Parliament in 2019)? What is the role of German stakeholders in this process? These and other issues related to the topic will be discussed by invited speakers within the framework of the planned event.

Our speakers:
●     Rebecca Harms, Member of the European Parliament from Germany, the Greens/European Free Alliance Group;
●     Tamila Tasheva, Head of Board, CrimeaSOS;
●     Alim Aliev, programme manager, Crimean House (Kyiv), co-creator, CrimeaSOS;
●     Anton Naumluk, journalist, correspondent, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty;
●     Arsen Zhumadilov, Head of Board, Crimean Institute for Strategic Studies;
●     Alexey Kozlov, director of Solidarität mit der Bürgerbewegung in Russland e.V..

●     Solidarität mit der Bürgerbewegung in Russland e.V.
●      CrimeaSOS

Date and place:November, 25th, 16:00 – 18:30,
Premier Hotel «Rus`», Hospitalna Street, 4, Kyiv

Registration form for guests:  https://goo.gl/forms/bMwbELz9efv744s32

Registration form for media: https://goo.gl/forms/YE7UCWAZM0uc0YNk1

The event is organized by Solidarität mit der Bürgerbewegung in Russland e.V. and CrimeaSOS within the framework of the Project “Aktivierung einer Diskussion über Beachtung und Schutz der Menschenrechte auf der Krym” supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Solidarität mit der Bürgerbewegung in Russland e.V. is located in Berlin. The organization engaged in civil society and monitoring of the human rights situation in Russia and the states of the former Soviet Union.

CrimeaSOS is a social organization, whose activities are aimed at highlighting the illegality of the occupation of Crimea and the repressive policy of the Russian Federation, maintaining connections between the peninsula with the mainland Ukraine, as well as the consolidation of Ukrainian society through the protection of rights, freedoms and interests of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and others who were affected by armed the conflict in eastern Ukraine and Crimea.


Contact person for the event: Viktoria Savchuk, [email protected], Dzhemil Mamutov, [email protected]