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First ‘non-reporting’ criminal case opened in Crimea

The first criminal case involving failure to report a crime (art. 205.6 of the Criminal Code) has been opened in Crimea, The news was reported by Novaya Gazeta, citing the lawyer Emil Kurbedinov.

“This is the first criminal case of this kind in Crimea. The accused is a Crimean Tatar who has been charged with misconduct against his brother-in-law, who is allegedly fighting in Syria. The alleged offender was interrogated and his house was searched several times. The FSB has just filed the case, we don’t know yet what kind of evidence they have,” said the lawyer, who promised to give more details about the case once it reaches the courts.

“The [Criminal Code] article itself is outrageous, they are using it to put pressure on people. And the fact that it is being tested in Crimea is a very worrying sign. That is, people are being forced to become informers and to report everything they see. If you suspect a neighbor, or even a relative, you should run to the FSB and tell them about it. Otherwise, you’ll have a criminal case on your hands,” Kurbedinov pointed out.

According to lawyer Lily Gemeji, the first searches took place in May 2016, during which the alleged offender’s vehicle was seized. The defense has filed several requests for checking the validity of the correspondence, which forms the basis of the prosecution, but all of them were rejected. According to Gemeji, the case should go to court in the Spring of 2019

Article 205.6 of the Criminal Code, on ‘Failure to Report a Crime’, was introduced in the summer of 2016 as a part of the so-called ‘Spring Package’ – a set of laws drafted by State Duma MP Irina Yarova. The article focuses on failure to report a crime of a terrorist nature. The punishment calls for a fine of up to 100,000 rubles or a prison sentence of up to one year.