Russian NGOs included in the registry of “foreign agents” and Background

Russian NGOs included in the registry of "foreign agents" and Background

Russian NGOs included in the registry of "foreign agents" and Background

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144. Autonomous non-profit human rights organization "School of the recruit," Chelyabinsk region (21.09)

143. The Support Fund for Civil Liberties "Legal mission", Chelyabinsk Region (21.09)

142. Inter-regional environmental and human rights NGO "Environmental Watch on North Caucasus", Krasnodar Krai (13.09)

141. Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Levada Center", Moscow (05.09)

140. Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Publisher" Gagarin Park ", Samara region (31.08)

139. The Samara regional public organization "Club of the American Alumni", Samara region (26.08)

138. Penza regional youth organization for the prevention of negative phenomena among young people "Panacea", Penza (15.08)

137. Non-profit аoundation "Institute of Economic Analysis", Moscow (22.07)

136. Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Free Speech", Pskov region (13.07)

135. Altai regional sports and patriotic youth organization "Arctic", Altai Krai (06.07)

134. The foundation for assistance to protect the health and social justice named Andrew Rylkov, Moscow (29.06)

133. Moscow organization in support of social and preventive programs in the field of Public Health "ESVERO", Moscow (22.06)

132. Regional public organization Integration Center "Migration and Law", Moscow (16.06)

131. Non-profit organization "Perm Civil Chamber", Perm (09.06)

130. Saratov non-profit organization "Society", Saratov (30.05)

129. The Krasnoyarsk regional public organization "Agency of Public Initiatives", Krasnoyarsk (27.05)

128. Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Hansa Office / Information Office of Schleswig-Holstein in Kaliningrad", Kaliningrad (24.05)

127. Altai NGO "School of Soul Ecology "Tengri ", Altai Republic, (18.05)

126. Penza autonomous nonprofit organization "Publishing House" Valentin Manuilov,  Penza region (15.04)

125. Regional public ecological organization of the Altai Republic "Argali", Altai Republic (06.04)

124. Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Center for Social and Labor Rights", Moscow (22.03)

123. Perm city public organization "Center for Civic Education and Human Rights", Perm (14.03)

122. International Foundation for Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and Far East "Batani", Moscow (11.03)

121. Charitable foundation for social and legal assistance "Sphere", St. Petersburg (01.03)

120. The Chelyabinsk Regional Public Endowment for Democracy "Ural democratic fund", Chelyabinsk (15.02)

119. The Chelyabinsk regional body of public initiative "Ural Human Rights Group", Chelyabinsk (15.02)

118. The Omsk regional public organization "Center for Health and Social Welfare “SIBALT”, Omsk (15.02)

117. Public association "Women of Eurasia", Chelyabinsk (15.02)

116. St. Petersburg NGO "Society for the social protection of citizens' EGIDA Petersburg", St. Petersburg (02.02)

115. City Public Organization "Ryazan Historical, Educational and Human Rights Society" Memorial "(Ryazan Memorial), Ryazan (01.02)

114. The Institute for prediction and resolving political conflicts, Nizhny Novgorod (22.01)

113. Inter-regional public organization "Public Investigation Bureau", Nizhniy Novgorod (14.01)

112. Inter-regional public organization "Committee for the Prevention of Torture", Orenburg (14.01)


111. Trans-Baikal regional public organization "Public Environmental Center" Dauria "Chita (30.12) 

110. City Public Organization "Ekaterinburg" Memorial ", Ekaterinburg (30.12)

109. "Information and Research Center "Panorama ", Moscow (18.12)

108. The Kaliningrad regional public organization promoting the development of "Woman's World" women's community, Kaliningrad (11.12)

107. The human rights organization "MASHR", Ingushetia (8.12)

106. Petersburg public charitable environmental organization "Green Peace", Moscow (02.12)

105. Promotion Center of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Moscow (27.11)

104. Human Rights Institute, Moscow (20.11)

103. The “Glasnost” Defense Foundation, Moscow (19.11)

102. The Irkutsk regional public organization "Baikal Environmental Wave", Irkutsk (10.11)

101. Regional public institution of scientific-information center "Memorial", St. Petersburg (06.11)

100. Omsk city public organization "Photoclub "Co-existence ", Omsk (28.10)

99. Krasnoyarsk regional ecological social movement "Friends of the Siberian Forests", Krasnoyarsk (28.10)

98. The Foundation for Civil Society Development and Human Rights "Women of the Don", Rostov (27.10)

97. «Russian Human Rights Research Centre», Moscow (20.10)

96. ANO (Autonomous Non-Profit Organization) «Far East Centre of Civil Initiatives and Social Partnership», Vladivostok (13.10)

95.  Interregional public charitable organization "Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights and the Environment "Printsip", Moscow (07.10)

94. Information and Research Center "Yasavey Manzara", Nenets Autonomous Okrug (23.09)

93. Regional Public Organization "Sakhalin Environment Watch", Sakhalin (21.09)

92. Regional public organization of the Jewish Community Cultural Center of Ryazan region "Hesed-Teshuva", Ryazan (11.09)

91. Foundation for Democracy "VOICE", Moscow (04.09)

90. Novosibirsk NGO "Rotary Initiative", Novosibirsk (04.09)

89. "Perm Regional Human Rights Center", Perm (04.09)

October 15, "Perm Regional Human Rights Center" was fined 150 thousand rubles

88. Interregional Social Ecological Foundation "ISAR-Siberia", Novosibirsk (26.08)

87. Chechen regional public organization "Human Rights Center of the Chechen Republic", Chechen Republic (21.08)

86. Kabardino-Balkaria republic Public Human Rights Center Regional Office "For Human Rights", Kabardino-Balkaria Republic (17.08)

85. Non-profit partnership «Permskiy Krai Alliance of Community Foundations», Perm Krai (11.08)

84. Foundation "Civil Action", Perm Krai (05.08)

83. Nizhny Novgorod ecological public non-profit organization "Green World", Nizhny Novgorod region (29.07)

Ecologists of "Green World" were fined for refusing to call themselves "foreing agents" (30.09)

82. Fund "Environment", Moscow (28.07)

81. Interregional public Foundation for the development of civil society "Voice-Ural", Chelyabinsk region (27.07)

The Ministry of Justice refused to exclude the association "Voice" and the fund "Voice-Ural" from the register of "foreign agents" (06.10)

80. Altai regional ecological and cultural NGO "Altai-21", Altay (22.07)

79. Komi Human Rights Commission "Memorial", Komi Republic (21.07)

October 23, Komi Human Rights Commision "Memorial" declared self-liquidation 

July 8, 2015 the organization fined 300 thousands rubles for political activity

78. Interregional public organization "The Northern Environmental Coalition", the Republic of Karelia (8.07)

77. Association "Assistance in the legal protection of the population "Legal Basis", Yekaterinburg (3.07)

76. The Russian Association for Population and Development, Moscow (23.06)

75. Altai regional public organization "Geblerovskoe Ecological Society", Barnaul (23.06)

74. Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Information Center FREEINFORM, Moscow (22.06)

73. Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Center for Independent Social Research," St. Petersburg (22.06)

72. Republican youth public organization "Nuori Karjala" (Young Karelia), the Republic of Karelia (19.06)

71. Interregional Public Fund for Peace in the South and North Caucasus, Stavropol' (19.06)

70.  Inter-regional Public Foundation Siberian Civic Initiatives Support Center, Novosibirsk (19.06)

69. Regional public organization "Altai Republic Center of Independent Researchers», Gorno-Altaisk (10.06)

The organization is included on the basis of its own application.

68. Non-profit organization for protection of employers's interests "Union of employers", Moscow (28.05)

The organization is included on the basis of its own application.

67. Non-profit Foundation"Dynasty", Moscow (25.05)

Announced liquidation of the organization on October 31, 2015

June 17, 2015 the organization fined 300 thousands rubles for not registrating as a foreign agent

66. Nonprofit organization Science Foundation of theoretical and applied research “Liberal Mission”, Moscow (25.05)

Excluded from the register of "foreign agents" (11.09)

June 22, 2015 the organization fined 300 thousands rubles for not registrating as a foreign agent

65. Nizhny Novgorod Regional Public Organization "Ecological Center "Dront"", Nizhny Novgorod (22.05)

June 22, 2015 the organization fined 300 thousands rubles for not registrating as a foreign agent

August 18, 2015 the fine was reduced twice

64. Non-governmental educational institution of additional vocational education for specialists "Academy of Human Rights", Ekaterinburg (15.05)

The organization fined 300 thousands rubles for not registrating as a foreign agent

63. Sverdlovsk Regional Public Organization“Sutyajnik”, Ekaterinburg (15.05)

The organization fined 300 thousands rubles for not registrating as a foreign agent

62. Information office of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Kaliningrad (13.05)

61. Non-profit partnership "Club of accountants and auditors for non-profit organizations", Kaliningrad (13.05)

60. Interregional Charity Public Organization "NGO Development Center", Sankt-Peterburg (13.05)

June 17, 2015 the organization fined 200 thousands rubles for not registrating as a foreign agent

59. Association "Expert-legal partnership "Union", Karelia (7.05)

58. Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “Memorial Center for the History of Political Repression 'Perm-36'”, Perm (29.04)

July 22, 2015 the organization fined 300 thousands rubles for not registrating as a foreign agent

57. Kaliningrad regional public organization of legal information program "Women's League", Kaliningrad (29.04)

56. Foundation for Investigative Journalism – Foundation 19/29, Moscow (24.04)

June 4, 2015 the organization fined 300 thousands rubles for not registrating as a foreign agent

55. Regional Public Charitable Organization for Assistance Refugees and Internally Displaced People "Civic Assistance", Moscow (20.04)

54. Novosibirsk Regional Public Fund "Fund for the Protection of Consumer's Rights ", Novosibirsk (17.04)

53. Ozerskaya City Socio-Environmental NGO "Planet of Hopes", Chelyabinsk region (15.04)

May 26, 2015 the organization fined 300 thousands rubles for not registrating as a foreign agent

52. Independent Non-Profit Organization "Center for Anti-Corruption Research and Initiatives" Transparency International – R ", Moscow (07.04)

51. Rostov City Public Organization"Eco-Logic", Rostov-on-Don (03.04)

50. Foundation for the Social Projects Foundation "Migration XXI Century", Moscow (27.03)

49. "Educational Center for Environment and Security", Samara (20.03)

April 7, 2015 the organization was fined 150 thousands rubles for violating the law on NGOs

48. Murmansk Regional Public Environmental Organization "Bellona-Murmansk", Murmansk (19.03)

April 20, 2015 the organization fined 50 thousands rubles for not registrating as a foreign agent

47. Murmansk Regional Youth Public Organization "Humanist Youth Movement", Murmansk (13.03)

46. Samara Regional Social Organization for Contribution to Harmonization of Interethnic Relations "Azerbaijan", Samara (13.03)

45. Regional Social Movement "Novgorod Women's Parliament" (6.03), Novgorod

Inclusion based on their own application.

44. Chelyabinsk Regional Charitable Social Foundation "For nature", Chelyabinsk (6.03)

May 13, 2015 the Organization was fined 100 thousands rubles

43. Chelyabinsk Ecological Social Movement "For nature", Chelyabinsk (6.03)

October 9, the magistrate stopped the case of the public movement "For Nature" due to the lack of offense 

42. Regional Fund "Center for Defense of Mass Media Rights", Voronezh (26.02)

41. Municipal Public Organization “Samara Center for Gender Studies”, Samara (16.02)

40. Foundation Center for Civic Analysis and Independent Research / GRANI, Perm (13.02)

19.06.15 the information appears that the organization is excluded from the register

39. Interregional Charity Organization “Siberian Environmental Center”, Novosibirsk (12.02)

April 15, 2015 the Organization was fined 300 thousands rubles

May 20, 2015 the fine was reduced to 150 thousands rubles

38. Interregional Public Fund for Civil Society Development “Golos-Povolzhye”, Samara (6.02)

February 16, 2015 "Golos-Povolzhye" was fined for not including in the registry of NGOs-Foreign Agents

37. Murmansk Regional Public Organization Center for Social, Psychological and Legal Help to Victims of Discrimination and Homophobia “Maximum”, Murmansk (4.02)

March 5, 2015 the organization was fined 300 thousands rubles

36. Non-Commercial Partnership "Press Development Institute – Siberia", Novosibirsk (30.01)

35. Jewish Regional Branch of the Russian Public Organization "Municipal Academy", Birobidzhan (26.01)


34. Information Bureau of the Nordic Council of Ministers in St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg (20.01)

33. Autonomous Non-Profit Human Rights Organization "Youth Center for Consulting and Training", Volgograd (20.01)

March 3, 2015 the organization was fined 300,000 rubles under Part 1 st.19.34 for non-inclusion in the register of NGOs-foreign agents

32. Interregional Public Organization of Information and Educational Center "Memorial", Moscow (16.01)

31. Interregional Non-Governmental Organization "The Committee Against Torture" , Nizhny Novgorod (16.01)

August 7, 2015 the organization was fined 300,000 rubles for distributing flyers without sign "foreign agents"


30. Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization of Information and Legal Services "Resource Human Rights Center", St. Petersburg (30.12)

29. Independent non-profit organization Center for Social Development "Vozrozhdeniye", Pskov (30.12)

28. Regional Public Organization "Man and the Law" of the Republic of Mari El, Yoshkar-Ola (30.12)

27. Free Press Support Foundation, Moscow (30.12)

26. St. Petersburg Public Human Rights Organization "Civil Control", St. Petersburg (30.12)

March 19, 2015 the organization was fined 200,000 rubles for not registering as a foreign agent

May 7, 2015 it became known about the termination of the proceedings of an administrative offense under Art. 19.34 of the Administrative Code

25. St.Petersburg Human Rights Public Organization "League of Women Voters", St. Petersburg (30.12)

In early February 2015 it was announced that the organization liquidated

24. Kaliningrad Regional Public Organization "Human Rights Center", Kaliningrad (25.12)

23. Krasnodar Regional Social Organization of University Alumni, Krasnodar (25.12)

February 26, 2015 the administrative proceeding against the organization discontinued due to lack of corpus delicti.

22. Regional Social Organization "Public Commission for Academic Sakharov's Heritage Preservation", Moscow (25.12)

Administrative proceedings opened against the Museum and Public Center Andrei Sakharov.

March 23, 2015 the court decided that Sakharov Center has to pay 300 thousand rubles for refusing to register with "foreign agents"

21. All-Russian Public Movement “For Human Rights”, Moscow (22.12)

March 18, 2015 the Moscow's Meshchansky Court on Wednesday fined the Movement on 300 thousand rubles for refusing to voluntarily register as a "foreign agent".

March 17, 2015 the Zamoskvoretskiy Moscow Court upheld the inclusion of the movement "For Human Rights" in the register of NGO-Foreign Agents

20. Arkhangelsk Regional Public Organization of Social, Psychological and Legal Assistance to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) "Rakurs", Arkhangelsk (15.12)

February 12, 2015 was fined 300 thousand rubles for the activity without registering as a foreign agent.

March 12, it became known that the organization ceases its activities because of the status of a "foreign agent"

19. Karachay-Cherkess Republican Youth Public Organization "Union of Young Political Scientists", Cherkessk (15.12)

18. Autonomous Non-profit Organization "Moscow School of Civic Education", Moscow (9.12)

Moscow School of civic education ceases its activities.

17. Privately-owned “News Agency MEMO.RU”, Moscow (20.11)

16. Non-Commercial Partnership "Regional Press Institute", Moscow (20.11)

December 9, 2014 the court in St. Petersburg ordered to pay a fine of 400 thousands rubles for refusal to register in the register of NGOs-foreign agents

15. Association “Partnership for Development”, Saratov (2.10)

14. Autonomous Non-profit Organization Scientific Center for International Studies “PIR”, Moscow (3.09)

13. St. Petersburg Regional Public Human Rights Organization "Soldiers' Mothers of St. Petersburg", St. Petersburg (28.08)

January 26, 2015 the October District Court of St. Petersburg upheld the order of Ministry of Justice on including the organization "Soldiers' Mothers of St. Petersburg" in the register of non-profit organizations acting as a foreign agent.

12. Foundation Institute for Information Freedom Development, Saint Petersburg (28.08)

November 20, 2014 the Ministry of Justice withdrew the claim to the "Golos" and "Institute for Development of Freedom of Information" on the report on financing

11. Fund for Protection of the Rights and Freedoms of Citizens“Public Verdict”, Moscow (21.07)

December 2, 2014 the Moscow City Court upheld the prosecutors' actions, including the inspection in the fund in March 2013

10. Kaliningrad Regional Public Organization “Ecodefence! –Womens’ Council”, Kaliningrad (21.07)

December 22, 2014 the Court examined the complaint of the Kaliningrad Regional Public Organization "Ecodefence – Women's council" to the decision of an administrative offense and reduced the fines

July 20, 2015 the organization was fined 100,000 rubles for absence of reports according to the law about "foreign agents"

9. Autonomous Non-Profit Organisation Lawyers for Constitutional Rights and Freedoms / JURIX, Moscow (21.07)

December 1, 2014 the organization announced the launch of its liquidation.

The administrative proceeding against the organization for not informing about performing the functions of a "foreign agent" was open.


8. Interregional Social Organization Human Rights Center “Memorial”, Moscow (21.07)

March 11, 2015 the Tver Court of Moscow upheld the inclusion of the organization in the register of "foreign agents"

7. Interregional Human Rights Association “Agora”, Kazan (21.07)

December 22, 2014 the Supreme Court of Tatarstan upheld the decision of the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic and recognized human rights association "Agora" foreign agent.

6. Non-Profit Organization Foundation Kostroma Center for Support of Public Initiatives, Kostroma (05.06)

19.06.15 the information appears that the organization is excluded from the register

5. Regional Public Association in Defense of Democratic Rights and Freedoms “Golos” , Moscow (05.06)

November 20, 2014 the Ministry of Justice withdrew the claim to the "Golos" and "Institute for Development of Freedom of Information" on the report on financing

4. Regional Public Human Rights Organization “Union of the Women of the Don” , Novocherkassk (05.06)

December 10, 2014 autonomous non-profit Organization refused the complaint of the Union of the Women of the Don on including the organization in the register of "foreign agents"

3. Autonomous Non-Profit Organization Center for Social Policy and Gender Studies, Saratov (05.06)


2. Association of Non-Profit Organizations “In Defense of Voters' Rights «GOLOS», Moscow (05.06)

March 17, 2015 Moscow's Zamoskvoretsky District Court upheld the inclusion of Association "GOLOS" in the register of NGOs-"foreign agents"


1. Non-Profit Partnership for Competition Support in the CIS , Moscow (27.06)