Baluh may be transferred to a Russian colony

October 5, 2018

Baluh may be transferred to a Russian colony

The Ukrainian activist Vladimir Balukh, convicted in Crimea, could be transferred to a Russian colony, notes an expert of the Crimean human rights group Vladimir Chekrygin, “ writes ” Crimea.Realities.”“I wish he could stay in Crimea to serve his sentence, but there is a possibility that he will be transported to Russia in violation of international conventions. There is a big danger for his health. Long transfer would be extremely hard for him in his condition. Perhaps this will be done not out of necessity, but in order to torture him more and put him in more stringent conditions. According to lawyers, Vladimir looks very bad – in fact, he looks like a skeleton – and he complains of pain in his back, liver, kidneys, and suspects he has an ulcer. He only gets worse, ” said the human rights activist.

It was recently reported that the Ukrainian activist Vladimir Balukh convicted in the Crimea had a little over a year left to serve in prison. According to the lawyer Dmitry Dinze, Balukh suspects that he has an ulcer or pancreatitis.

The FSB of Russia detained Vladimir Balukh on December 8, 2016. FSB representatives claimed that they found 90 bullets and several bombs in the attic of the house where Vladimir Balukh lives.

The defense of Balukh and human rights activists claim that he became a victim of repression for his pro-Ukrainian position – because of the flag of Ukraine, which was in the backyard of his house.

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