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A refugee, who was deported from Poland to Russia, was kidnapped in Chechnya

A refugee from Chechnya, Azamat Baiduev, deported from Poland to Russia on August 31, was kidnapped the day after his return to the republic. This was reported by a human rights activist and head of the Human Rights Analysis Center Ahmed Gisayev.

Gisayev suggests that the Chechen spetsnaz could have kidnapped the man. According to him, about a hundred armed people broke into Baiduev’s uncle’s house and “with the use of force” took him away to an unknown direction.

“The Russian spetsnaz, commanding these units, spoke Russian without an accent and had a Slavic appearance,” the human rights activist writes. He is afraid that they want to fabricate a case against Baiduev.

In 2007, Azamat Baiduev obtained a political shelter in Poland, later he moved to Belgium, “Kavkaz.Realii” informs. In 2017, the Chechen was suspected of the involvement in the preparation of terrorist acts and deported to Poland, where he was deported to his homeland. According to the publication, he was suspected of being involved in the Chechen resistance and tortured in Russia.